Handmade Handbags : Exquisite Craftsmanship

Handmade Handbags

Buying a readymade card for anyone is Ok, but actually taking out time to design and make a card with your own hands gives the person a really nice feeling about it. Similarly machine made handbags is what everyone uses don’t they? In such a scenario if you are carrying a bag that is handmade it definitely deserves some attention because it is different than the rest. Making something with your had is like nurturing a young child or a sapling, so each bag that is handmade can be thought to be lovingly crafted by the craftsman.

Handmade handbags can be made from a variety of materials like textiles of all kinds, leather, jute, canvas, and many more unimaginable products. The procedure of their creation is very detailed and time consuming obviously resulting in an increased cost of the finished product. But obviously if you are going in for a handmade handbag you need to be prepared to loosen your pocket a little more than the usual. However when you will become the proud owner of a handmade handbag there wont be anyone stopping you from flaunting it. It will be one of its kinds because even though another one could be made on the same method but it will different from the one you posses.

Various complex techniques go into making handmade bags one of their kind and some brands which manufacture handmade bags choose not to replicate the bag and let it be one of its kinds. This way the purchaser of the bag truly enjoys the possession of a handmade bag, satisfied that no one else can have the same bag making it an exclusive. Handbags have been a prized possession and a valuable accessory for those who are the fashion conscious people. Nothing would make them happier than possessing an exclusive handmade bag.

Handmade handbags have an assortment of stuff put into it to make them as sturdy as the machine made ones and the sewing of these bags is also required to be stronger and counter sewing becomes mandatory. Layers of material in the bag are necessary to make the bag durable and also to protect the various ornamentations that the bags have. The handles for these handbags need to be quality checked and double tested to make sure that they don’t give away and also they are put in with double strong stitching.

Handmade handbags are generally made roomier than the usual handbags because the people buying them pay more than the usual and do want value for money as well. At times these bags take about any where from 1 to 3 days to make. Handmade handbag sellers can be found in plenty over the internet and also at a shop near you. Some of the handmade handbags are washable but great care needs to be taken.

People who are interested in buying handmade handbags cherish tem as an art connoisseur cherishes his latest piece of art bought at a fancy gallery. Clients feel that by carrying a handmade handbag they are carrying around with them a piece of art. People even buy handmade handbags thinking that one day they will become a part of a museum collection and they will be named as the proud contributors to the exhibit.
Handmade handbags are not limited to only craftsmen making them. Some of the people who like buying handmade handbags are also keen to learn the art themselves. This way they know what they want in a handmade handbag the next time that they order it for themselves. Of course the finishing of the handmade handbag will different from that of the machine made thing but a slightly rugged feel to the bag is what makes it special. If you are buying handmade handbags over the internet, then you can order a catalog and make your choice, the catalog also specifies what materials have gone into the making of the bag making the job even easier for you.

Of course a designer bag would in all likeliness attract a person more but not after you have seen a handmade handbag. This is because it is very unique and crafted with a lot of care so the whole experience of buying and owning such a bag is altogether different.

Designer Handbags : Accessorize with Élan, Get a Designer Handbag

Designer Handbags

Women who want something better than the average, conventional handbags spend fortunes on designer handbags. Handbags have a huge market and there are handbags to suit every occasion. Beit a day at work or a casual evening with friends to a hot party at the disc, you name it and they have it.

There are many names that can be seen on the circuit of the designer handbags, such as DKNY, Prada, Tommy Hilfiger, Armani, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Gucci, Kenneth Cole, and Coach Etc. Designer handbags are obviously not around for mere mortals and cost a fortune. At times people even go in for buying second hand designers bags because they can’t afford new ones.

Of course there is a thriving business of selling replicas or to put it bluntly fake designer handbags. What however is dangerous is that you might duped into buying a fake designer handbag at the price of an original one. For this very purpose you need to take great care when you go out to buy designer handbags. One needs to always purchase them from an authorized dealer and not any shop which has sprung up over night. The bag which you are buying, itself speaks of its own quality if it is an original. Yet, you can’t take a chance because there are pretty clever imitations in the market which might fool you.

A bag which doesn’t have good zipper end tabs or if the particular label has its name engraved on it usually and the bag you are on the brink of purchasing doesn’t have it, then you should get a warning signal. Shoddy workmanship is a dead giveaway and the absence of the company’s hologram is another indication of it being a copy.

A designer handbag is a symbol of the quality and style of the person carrying it. Same as we take care of ourselves and our hygiene, we need to care for the life of the designer handbags as well. Each designer handbag has its own set of instructions about its maintenance and care. This is because designer handbags are made from pretty expensive varieties of leather and other materials which are used. Different types of leathers have varied needs of care and maintenance.

These directions for care of the designer handbag need to be followed carefully otherwise the bag can get damaged pretty easily and a lot of money will go wasted. A designer handbag is always an investment as it can always be re sold for a price by you if you have gotten bored with it. Of course for those who can afford to buy another one if they get bored re selling, might not be an issue, yet once a designer handbag is acquired it is always a prized possession.

The designer labels release a new line of handbags every season and so many people consider it a thing of great pride to be able to buy the latest bag each season. The choice of the ladies varies greatly as to which is their favorite designer handbag label. This might keep fluctuating time again after new collections are released. However there are some people who remain loyal to a particular designer handbag brand. This is because they trust the quality and they have a feeling of identification with the style of the brand. Although the designers do change but the brand retains some of its basic style statements and they can be observed unchangingly in all the collections of that brand. This is what makes the clients become loyal to a particular brand. There are also some people who are just into designer accessories just because they can afford it and don’t know the difference in various brands.

Whatever be the case designer handbags are a big draw with women the world over and no doubt they give the outfit a sense of completion and convey a style statement whether elegant, chick or sophisticated, or simple. A woman feels proud in flaunting her designer handbag and cares for it as much as she does for her jewelry, its not surprising though because they also parallel the pricing of jewelry.

Hermes Handbags : Elegance in Abundance

Hermes Handbags

Don’t confuse Hermes here as in the Hermes of the Olympian gods. When we talk of Hermes we are talking of a brand name whose handbags are a statement in fashion. You might have had waiting lists for reservations for flights or restaurants, but Hermes handbags also commandeer their own waiting list. One among the gorgeous range of Hermes handbags is the Hermes Birkin which beings at an astounding rate of $6000 and has a long waiting list of suitors, of course suitors it has to be because you really have to love the bag to spend a fortune on it.

If you are new to the Hermes community then obviously don’t ‘lust’ after the Birkin and suffice with something small, well that is if anything in Hermes is ever small and gradually build your Hermes collection as you build your wealth. If you want to check out the latest Hermes collection check the Paris runway for it. However before any of that stuff hits the stores you could have had a quick trip to Antarctica and be back, so check out the stores which have Hermes, mind you the original Hermes for you’ll be shelling out a mini fortune for it.

Once obtained it is understandable that you wouldn’t be able to stop gushing at the beauty of the bag and let me remind you here this bag would not go out of fashion no matter if thousands of more designs might be dolled out from the same label. This is the unique quality of a Hermes handbag that it possesses a timeless beauty and elegance which simply refuses to fade away. Once someone buys a Hermes they simply can’t contain the excitement of showing off the bag to their friends and family and for that matter the whole world. People have blogs dedicated especially to their prized possessions where they let the whole world know the progress in their collection as also the progress of the bags that they have already acquired; at times one thinks they seem as prized as their offspring.

Simply typing Hermes on Google will open you up to the world where people can’t stop gushing about their latest purchase from the Hermes dynasty as they like to call it. You can also find online catalogs giving you the styles, sizes, colors and various other details about the bags that have been released by the label in the recent past. This will allow you to choose amongst the various designs as often these catalogs also list the price range. What else you will find first hand information as to where these bags can be found at stores convenient to your location.

The Hermes Birkin was recently redesigned by the latest Hermes designer Jean Paul Gaultier and increased the already sky high demand of the bag. The price of this bag is around $7,500(astounding). This design of the Hermes Berkin is the shoulder design and an even greater rage compared to the regular Berkin. The Hermes dynasty houses its headquarters in Paris. Of course the headquarters of the enviable designer brand has to live up to its reputation. It certainly does, with the variety of Hermes handbags that you can feast your eyes on, you’ll probably never want to leave.

The Hermes headquarters reeks of elegance and sophistication, chic yet classy. The main entrance to the store has a collection of the most exquisite man made creation called handbags, colors, shapes, sizes hits you big time. The prices are sky rocketing like 4, 600 euros is just the beginning with one of the popular Kelly model in the range of 14,000 euros and you can call it modest.

If you are fond of soap operas and Hermes handbags then you couldn’t have for your life missed the episode when Samantha on this opera goes hunting for her Berkin and most of you could have identified with the emptiness of not having a Berkin. You can choose any bag and it will be a class apart, a clutch or a tote not just the material, the finish or the styling, the colors of the handbags are so unique that even if you try making that perfect shade on the pallet you wouldn’t always succeed.

Hobo Handbags : Choose one that suits your style

Hobo Handbags

Handbags have never come for cheap I mean those handbags which carry designer labels. Hobo handbags come in a lot of variety and one such variety is the Kenneth Cole “Love It or Weave It” Hobo. This bag looks a bomb but doesn’t cost that and you’ll be the envy of the town when you wear it. This handbag is made from basket woven yellow sunshine leather and has handles made from sports leather. Decorated with shiny silver hardware the bag closes with magnetic closure. You wouldn’t have to really go and empty your pockets for this ultra chic hobo handbag and it can be all yours for as less as$99.

The Nuti Ostrich Hobo handbag comes in a wonderfully different green color and if any of you haven’t touched an ostrich then go in for the bag as you’ll know how it feels then. The bag is exquisite, a one of its kind and has internal suede lining and a single handle and has a magnetic closure, it doesn’t come all that cheap as its counterpart Kenneth Cole Hobo and is priced at an astonishing$2200. The bag has enough space to carry a lot for your stuff with three open and one zip pocket.

The Betsey Johnson Vintage Large Leather TZ Hobo is a vintage beauty with soft vintage leather and a leopard lining. The bag has contrast stitching and grommet detailing it is simply too elegant and cute to ignore. It is priced at $295 and is not at all expensive for the quality that is being dished out to you. The Medium Horsebit Hobo from Gucci and the small one in the same category are really show stealers and heart stealers too. They don’t come all that inexpensive and are priced at $750 and $655 respectively, but then has any fetish ever bothered for the price?

Have you checked out the Isabella Fiore Large Leather Hobo, it is simply divine in its supple leather body and has a checkered pattern skin! It is a real slouchy bag and you are sure to love it with its woven chain trim and golden hardware. I am sure you’ll like the rings in the shoulder strap and it has an open top. You can get this bag in camel, black or white at a price of $675.

You have to hand it to Elaine turner for her, Elaine Turner Devon Hobo. She makes not just divine baby bags but also fantastic handbags. This roomy Hobo bag is made from distressed leather in black and the shoulder has an embossed snake’s skin. The shoulder strap which runs right to the bottom of the bag has a chain detailing which does lot to enhance the beauty of the embossed snake’s skin. The bag has an inside zip pocket and other open pockets for your essentials like the cell phone and I pod. You can also get this back in saddle color.

The Juicy Couture Betsy Leather Hobo is another jewel in the crown of Hobo bags. This is refreshing change from the usual Juicy Couture range as their bags usually don’t have a mass appeal. They basically target the young audience with their over done ornamentation etc. Made of smooth leather and slightly gathered at the top this bag has a slight leather belt enclosing the opening with a heart charm. The lining of the bag is canvas and it has silver hardware to complement the design. This bag is priced at $350. The ‘Rebel’ Hobo handbag from Dior is your dream Hobo bag which comes in both black and white and it tickles your fancy no end. If you have saved something for your handbag budget then please take that out for this handbag is priced at a whooping$1495 but is well worth the price because it is simply gorgeous.

Bulga Tassel Hobo Handbag is one from the house of Bulga to give shape to your Hobo fantasy. This bag avaible in grey leather is anyone’s dream bag, specially those who want everything they love to be with them always. This bag has whipstitch detailing which is topped off with a dangling thin strapped tassel. You can also get the bigger Bulga Triple Zipper Hobo in the same exclusive color grey at Barney’s and what more at the same price for this one.

Juicy Couture Handbags : Get Practical

Juicy Couture Handbags

The Juicy Couture Leather shoulder bag is a subtle statement by the brand and if not identified by name one can’t make out it is from Juicy Couture. This bag has been done in stone leather with chunky silver hardware that gives the bag the flamboyance which is unique to this beautifully different current. The double handles make the bag comfortable to carry both on the shoulder and off it.

The bag has a zip closure with understated pink stitching and stud embellishment. The pink silk inside the bag make it gorgeous although the crown at the helm of the flap is liked by some and not by others. The slouch of the bag is rather nice and attracts one a lot. The bag is something radically different from the run of the mill Juicy stuff before and is priced at $1,100.

The Juicy Couture Canvas Messenger Bag is another one from the juicy range that has been really liked for its practical, no nonsense appeal and spacious interior. The bag has been in green distressed canvas with fringes and though the ornate hardware doesn’t exactly coincide with the purpose it is meant for, the bag has been liked by and far.

The Juicy Couture Metallic Day Dreamer Tote has somehow not been well accepted with the clients as it more than any beach bag looks more of a retro bag with its satin ribbon and piping and trim etc. This bag is in pink terry cloth and is available at $175.

The Juicy Couture ‘Ziggy’ Pompom Shoulder Bag has a top zip closure and interior cell phone and zip pocket as well. The bag has pompoms and a goldtone logo. The bag can be classified as small and will hold your basic stuff like a cell phone, lipstick, wallet etc.

The Juicy Couture Velour “Day Dreamer” Tote in Espresso is embroidered with the juicy heart and crown. The bag is in espresso brown leather with blue leather trim, gold-tone hardware and double straps. The bag oozes luxury and a fashion consciousness. The bag’s brown pompoms definitely qualify the bag as girly rather than something which mature ladies would like to carry. The bag also has one exterior pouch with a magnetic zipper closure. The characteristic juicy heart tag is at the back of the bag.

The Juicy Couture ‘Cara’ Quilted Tote is a mushy delight is soft leather and embroidered in the signature Juicy crown. The bag has a magnetic closure that is covered and has interior slide and zip pockets. The bag is a combination of cotton and leather.

The Juicy Couture Big Tote is for those who like bold and bright bags. This bag has a lavender satin lining with logo hardware trims on the bag. The bag is really cool because it is pretty spacious. The bag has a hidden magnetic snap closure and slide and interior zip pockets.

The Juicy Couture ‘Princess Fluff’ Shoulder Satchel boasts if silver tone linktrims and magnetic snap closure. The bag also has exterior zip pockets and magnetic snap pockets.

Moving to the Juicy Couture ‘Jen’ Tote its ornate Juicy metal crest is a big draw and so is its spacey interior. The bag also has an outer flap pocket too, not just this there are two outer zip pockets as well. The top zip closure is accompanied by interior zip pockets. The subtle brown leather speaks of its class and practicability.

The Juicy Couture ‘Jada’ Scarf Trim Hobo with its cute plaid scarf is completely the fun girly thing which is especially not for ladies at all. The plaid patch logo really looks cute on the front. The bag is a combination of cotton, polyester and leather trim.

By and large the Juicy Couture range qualifies more as a range for girls and the young adults rather than older and more mature women. Although the brand has dabbled in different styles than its characteristic Barbie doll look, their stuff has been always described as either hit or miss. There are so many people who admire certain aspects of the bags from the Juicy range but then eliminate them for something more sophisticated. The trend of these bags has been running on the same track for quite some time now and the reviews say it all.

Kate Spade Handbags : They are what they are!

Kate Spade Handbags

For once a designer label lives up to what is expected out of them. Kate Spate handbags actually give you what they say their handbags are meant for. You won’t end up feeling bad that you spent so much on a bag and at the end of the day it doesn’t serve your purpose.

For instance take the Kate Spade Hobby Gardening Tote, the bag done in canvas can be actually taken to the garden by you comfortably without the worry that it would be spoilt etc. Apart from that the idea of a hobby bag is pretty novel because every one does have some hobby and that also should be performed in style. The gardening theme screen print on the bag looks pretty cute and really makes you feel that the bag is a part of your hobby. The bag has four exterior slide pockets with the interior done in cotton twill. It looks perfect being carried under your shoulder and is spacious to put in all your stuff.

The Kate Spade hobby picnic tote is also in the same range of hobby bags is for those who are fond of picnicking. The screen print too shows cutlery to make the bag look really nice. This is like the perfect picnic basket bag that you can find. The bags are priced at $123.

The Kate Spade Rivington-Gisele Handbag is a dream bag for those who like delicate little purses. In this bag metallic leather with matt finish has been used with perfection. The combination of gold and silver could be obscene at times but this bag is a classic example how the two favorite shades of every lady can be tastefully blended. The bag here makes use of silver and gold leather in matt finish to leave a real impact on us. The bag has a flap closure and an interior zip pocket for our important stuff. The bag may look big but it has less width so do keep that in mind before you fall for it. This bag is priced at $223.

Kate Spade bags have been known for their sleek and clean designs but with the Kate Spade Easton as Four Circle Bag the label dabbles with modern art. Easton, the American town is known for its abundant waterfowl and the Easton Decoy Festival. The bag’s bright canvas is like a tribute to its marine tradition. Modern, completely edgy and chic this bag will enthrall you not just because of its unique shape but the sheer color that it has. The bag comes in two shades hibiscus pink and orange. The pink one is the one that’s really popular.

Kate Spade Olivia Velvet and Gold Evening Bag will remind one that winter is approaching. This bag which flaunts the vibrant color of summer comes in a fabric that is meant for winter, velvet. This bag in pink velvet and golden hardware is a bold statement from Kate Spade but sure will brighten any outfit that you wear. The golden chain is detachable and the bag can simply be used as a clutch too. The bag’s interior has one zip pocket and is done in taupe colored satin.
The Kate Spade Yoko Canvas Tote is a really nice bag to carry while out shopping but when you select the colors you sure would go in for the beige and pink handles one which is pretty as compared to its black sibling which is really repulsive.

The Kate Spade Glazed Calfskin Tote is a beauty and characteristic Kate style, subtle, chic and elegant. This bag is in glazed chocolate brown color with ring top handles. The bag also looks even more beautiful owing to its white top stitching, stamped logo and golden keepers. Though not meant for everyday usage this bag is impressive as an exclusive boardroom thing. Every day use is not recommended because it doesn’t have shoulder straps which could tire out your hands.
If you are wondering what to give your daughter who has just become a mother then you could gift her Kate Spade Large Baby Bag. The bag is in canvas with adorable doodle print in the nylon changing pad and lining. The bag has shoulder straps with four open and one zipper pocket as well. This could be the ideal gift for new mommies on mother’s day too.
Kate Spade bags are real beauties so if you are a loyal client keeping sticking to your loyalties.

Kenneth Cole Handbags : Urbane and Classy Just Like the Man!

Kenneth Cole Handbags

Kenneth Cole had started his business by selling shoes from a trailer, but now his name is amongst the jewels in accessory designers. Handbags have always been a fetish with women, the more expensive the bag, more women are bound to fancy it. One such bag is the Kenneth Wrap Aport in rich dark red color. This bag will look good with just about anything that you have on even your sweats! The bag has tall pockets to hold all your stuff and differently shaped other pockets for your knick knacks.

Have you had a look at the Kenneth Cole Corner Market Satchel? This bag is super stylish, luxurious and elegant. You’ll swoon over its silver hardware and the entire finishing which is so classy. Although you will need to take care of the bag from getting stained because it has no feet or any other protection. The strap suites whichever dress you might be wearing, weather a sweater or a coat. The reason why Kenneth Cole handbags appeal to one and all because they are made from luxurious leather and above all they have a casual, classy urban look to them.

The Kenneth Cole New York Pick-A-Dilly Square Clutch is another one of the master pieces that is loved by women of all ages. This bag has a brushed silver ring pull has a magnetic flap entry and studs of the same brushed silver adorn the bag. The bag also boasts of a 6” leather trimmed interior zip pocket and a key leash. It also has leather trimmed interior slip pockets so that you can put in stuff like your cell phone, pens etc. The bag’s beauty is enhanced by the decorative leather braids that are there on the sides of the bag.

If you are the one who likes putting all your favorite things into your handbag then the Kenneth Cole New York Jet Stream Hobo is just the bag that you will love. This top zip entry bag also comes with a complementary soft white cotton protective cover to save your bag from being damaged. It also has exterior zip pockets along with an interior 8” inch zip pocket with a golden logo for enhancement. The brushes brass accented shoulder strap allows a 12” inch drop which gives comfort to your shoulder. The bag will be safe from getting stained by not just its cover but alsoby the five metal feet protectors on the bottom of the bag.

If totes are your favorites in handbags then the Kenneth Cole New York Pied Piping Tote will enthrall you with its exquisite beauty and elegance. This bag has 17” double handles which have an 8” drop Brushed brass studs, buckles and loops to enhance its beauty, a soft protective cover accompanies this bag as well. This bag has a hidden magnetic entry which leads to the main compartment which is fully lined. The front and back hidden magnetic full-width slide pockets will give you ample room for the stuff you would want handy, and won’t want to open your bag for all the time.

Satchels are another of the hot range from Kenneth Cole and the Kenneth Cole New York Lace Kelly Leather Satchel proves just how hot these bags from the label are. This bag comes with a frame top and magnetic closure and fabric lining. The wrapped metal frame handles accentuate the beauty of this bag while four metal feet protect the bag from being spoilt. The leather flower attached to the handle of the bag gives it a sexy retro feel, although this flower can be detached if you so desire. The sides of this bag are accented by woven leather strip. The bag gives you pockets for your cell phone, pen sleeves, a zip pocket and an extra drop pocket.

Every label has various ranges in their handbags, because they cater to wide clientele with diverse tastes. There are some clients who are loyal to some brands while others like to experiment. At times so designs are so unique that people switch their loyalties from their pet brands to eagerly obtain the beautiful piece. Market research and catering to market trends should be the criteria for all designer brands.

Leather Handbags : A Cherished Accessory the World Over

Leather Handbags

Since times immemorial a bag or a handbag has been a constant companion for human civilization. Leather is the most popular material used in the manufacture of handbags and bags. Leather also comes in a great variety and the rarer the leather the more expensive the bag obviously becomes. A handbag specially a lady’s handbag has always been regarded with curiosity by not just men but other ladies themselves.

Some women love splurging on expensive leather handbags for instance calf leather, crocodile leather, goat leather and many more like these. However it can’t be denied that a decent handbag is every woman’s necessity. The tradition of leather handbags has been age old with the fore runners in the field being the Hermes brand where every bag is made using great detail.

Handbags from brands like Gucci, Fendi, Prada, XoXo, Coach, Kenneth Cole and many more of them are prized possessions for women all round the world. A well made leather bag speaks of not just its own quality but also of the sophistication and taste of the owner. It may be easy to go and buy a leather handbag of your choice from the market if you have the required money in your pocket but it takes a lot of effort to maintain the handbag in its pristine condition.

A well made leather handbag is regarded as elegance dressed up in leather. Working women obviously need good and sturdy handbags to last well and give them enough room to put in all that require. Leather is the most sophisticated and durable material to buy a handbag in. Genuine Leather handbags rolled out from designer brands definitely look a class apart. The stitching, the zipper sections, the inside of the bag, the seam tucks all speak of the quality of the bag.

Leather handbags are not what one might have a vague image of like big burly satchels or something. They come in the most exquisite of designs and colors and shapes that they simply leave you enthralled with the sheer variety. Work bags which are the roomy no nonsense, chic and elegant bags to the small totes, the clutch evening bags to the sophisticated leather bags for men.

For those who can’t afford to buy the original designer handbags, there is a big market online as well as otherwise to buy replica handbags which are available in all the latest collections launched by the brands. These replica handbags specially some of them are so well made that one can’t make out any difference between the originals and them. It’s not as of they are not made of leather, they definitely are but the difference lies in the quality checks and what from of leather is being used to make them. Obviously the difference shows in the pricing as well which can be as less as 60%.

There is also the option of going in for wholesale handbags which are not always replica handbags but also those which are made from the left over materials in the workshops of the branded stores. These bags are manufactured inside the brand factory only but the quality checks etc are not that well performed as opposed to the original ones. A handbag is a basic necessity for most of us to carry stuff that we can’t do without when we are away from home. Make up, perfumes, combs, cell phones, important papers etc all find room inside the hand bag. Leather made from the skin of lambs, snakes and deer is pretty expensive and naturally bags that are manufactured from them are also high end bags not made for the masses but for the swish set.

The leather handbags industry has been a big one since long and is expanding greatly these days. Disposable incomes have risen in the last two decades giving the common man access to goods that were earlier a luxury for them. This shows when you walk out and will find not just one but many women carrying original Gucci or Fendi or Louis Vuitton or Chanel handbags or may be wearing Cartier or Tiffany diamonds. A career in the handbags industry especially the leather hand bag industry could be definitely considered very happening.

Liz Claiborne Handbags

Liz Claiborne Handbags

Liz Claiborne Inc. offers an extensive range of women’s and men’s fashion apparel and accessories. A large variety of handbags designed by Liz Claiborne Inc. are famous all over the world. From small jewelled evening clutches to functional travel bags, the collection of handbags suffices the modern style needs. Whether a customer wants something simplistic and useful or works of art, he/she can browse the collections and find the perfect handbags.

Liz Claiborne handbags are available in a variety of models. All models have unique qualities. A customer can choose a handbag based on his/her requirements. For example, the Hopewell Croco Flap handbag is made up of a soft supple material and has a plenty of room. Users find its embossing look real. The Washed Pull Up Hobo handbag has a gold finish. It has a good size and looks nice inside. The Grand Central Suede East/West Hobo handbag is made of nice suede leather, and is very usable. Users find its size large enough to put in their essentials like sunglasses, wallet, small pouch of tissues and lipstick, etc., and yet not too large to be heavy on the shoulders.

Users of Business Class Boxed Jotter handbag like it because it can hold a lot, doesn’t get really heavy and looks good. The outside leather is soft and lovely. The Business Class Boxed Jotter handbag has room for a lot of credit cards. This wallet can really hold everything. The overall look of the wallet is great and the leather is very soft.

The Broadway Jewels Shopper With Jewelry Handles handbag is a soft, beautiful bag. People find its internal pockets useful and the outer zipper compartment very convenient. It is slim and is made of soft leather. The stitching design on the outside looks great, and the handles have great detail work on them. The interior is light tan, and absolutely elegant.

The Bleeker Chenille Tapestry Hobo handbag is an everyday bag. It can hold everyday items including a paperback, bottle of water, etc. It has the black trim and handle, and the fabric is a rich combination of brown and metallic blue. It has a sturdy base so it doesn’t tip over when you set it down.

The looks, comfort, and feel of the Bleeker Pebble Leather Hobo handbag are great. Cherry Hill Quilted Satchel is a true navy leather bag. It has pockets for cell phone, pens etc. Rivington Washed Hobo handbag is soft, spacious but not bulky. It has nice color and easy to carry. The North/South Brief handbag has a plenty of room. You can use it to carry things to/from the office. It is made of the softest leather, and is lined with even softer material.

Bryant Park Embossed Leather Small Satchel handbag is sophisticated enough to look dressy, but goes casual as well. It is nice and roomy, but doesn’t look huge, or chunky and sloppy. The Grand Central Suede East/West Hobo handbag has soft suede and the bag is thinner and smaller in size. The zipper tassel detail is classy, and the bag is overall very functional.

Washed Pull Up Slim Tote handbag is made up of synthetic leather, but feels like real supple leather. It has a lot of pockets. Rivington Washed Hobo handbag is roomy and easy to carry. It has lots of pockets for all types of items.

Bryant Park Small Satchel handbag has a right combination of color & size which makes it attractive. It looks more expensive than the actual price. Great Expectations Tweed Tote handbag is perfect for a business woman. It is spacious, comfortable, professional, and is simple with nice decoration.

Rivington Washed Hobo handbag has a lot of space inside which makes you want to put more stuff in it. Front zipper pocket is very useful. The Greenwich Hobo handbag
is nicely made with several pockets inside and two outside pockets which can be used for putting keys and phone. Its magnetic closure is very convenient.

Broadway Large Hobo handbag has a good size. It has nice, open design. Bleeker Chenille Tapestry Hobo handbag has a perfect size, not too big or small, with beautiful Victorian print. Greenwich Shopper handbag is not only stylish looking, but has plenty of room for everything. It has great quality, perfect size, simple lines, and very functional.

Louis Vuitton handbags : The one and only

Louis Vuitton handbags

The name of Louis Vuitton has been synonymous with the high quality leather items since 1854. Louis Vuitton, born on August 4, 1821, designed luggage in Paris during the second half of the nineteenth century. One hundred years later, Vuitton’s signature leathergoods are highly regarded in the fashion world and have become a status symbol. The Louis Vuitton “monogram canvas” design created in 1896 with the intent of preventing counterfeiting is considered the very first designer label on a product.

Louis Vuitton is a subsidiary of LVMH, the first universal group to specialize in prestigious luxury products. Since 1998, Louis Vuitton has expanded into ready-to-wear fashion with resounding success. Louis Vuitton has always been a leader and a trendsetter, developing a range of luxury products consistent with the brand’s values. This creativity entered an exciting new realm when Marc Jacobs joined the firm as Artistic Director. The same year, he designed the company’s first Pret-a-Porter line of clothing. In 2001, Stephen Sprouse in collaboration with Marc Jacobs designed a limited edition line of Vuitton bags that featured graffiti written over the monogram pattern. The graffiti appeared in green and white. The four pieces with the graffiti over the monogram included the Speedy, the Keepall, the Pochette Accessories and the Pochette Porte‑Monnaie Credit Wallet. In 2003, Takashi Murakamim in collaboration with Marc Jacobs designed the new “Monogram Multicolore” canvas range of handbags and accessories. This range included the monograms of the standard Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas, but in 33 different colors.

Louis Vuitton has utilized many synergistic relationships generated within the group, all the while retaining their identity and remaining faithful to their distinctive difference. The modern Louis Vuitton company has cultivated a celebrity following and used famous models and actresses in its marketing campaigns, Famous models and actresses have lent their name to the Louis Vuitton line.

The Louis Vuitton offers a wide range of handbags. The Vuitton collection of handbags has always created a cult-like following among consumers. Owners of the handbags proudly display the logo and designs and refer to the products as “Louis”. The cult following by both celebrities and ordinary consumers has elevated the Louis Vuitton brand to the foremost position in accessory design alongside houses such as Gucci and Prada. Louis Vuitton handbags are always perfect. Whether you are going out for a night on the town or just going to the grocery store, Louis Vuitton handbags fit any occasion. Louis Vuitton handbags are characterized by embossed stamps, upside down designer emblems, engraved hardware and Alacantra interiors. Louis Vuitton handbags come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. The Louis Vuitton handbags collection has a variety of styles from the small Pouchette to the larger Keepall, perfect for a “carry on” or an overnight bag. Louis Vuitton handbags have great look for the best price.

Each Louis Vuitton handbag is characterized by its unique features. For example, the Louis Vuitton Onatah handbag comes in two shapes and two colors of leather. The colors are aubergine-purple and moka-chocolate and the shapes are Onatah and pochette Onatah. The exceptionally supple calfskin leather is dyed throughout and then drummed to softly pull up the grain. A thin transparent coating protects the leather and gives it a slight shine that develops a patina over time. A detailed perforation technique is applied to draw the Monogram pattern. The other features of this handbag are brass hardware with golden patina finish, adjustable canvas shoulder strap with links and zip top closure with long leather pulls. The bag also has silky monogram-patterned viscose lining and an interior flat pocket decorated with a Louis Vuitton badge made of tinted cowhide leather.

The Louis Vuitton Aumoniere Satin Multicolore handbag is designed with silky satin multicolor patterns on the outside and trimmed in Ayer (water snake). The inside of the bag is lined with taffeta and lamb leather. There are two Louis Vuitton engraved stud closures and the hardware is golden brass. There is an optional golden brass chain to use the bag as a shoulder bag.

In simple words, all handbags have some unique features which make them different from other handbags. So what are you waiting for? Pick and order your Louis Vuitton handbag from the wide collections today itself and enjoy its elegance and style forever.